Aged Care Matters Advocacy Group is a voluntary grassroots movement. We are citizens who are deeply concerned about the quality of residential aged care services across Australia.

Aged Care Matters advocates for high standards of care in all aged care homes. We focus on solutions not problems.

Aged Care Matters’ Director, Dr Russell, is a public health researcher who specialises in qualitative research. She has been the Principal Researcher at Research Matters since 1999.

Aged Care Matters encourages discussion and collaboration between residents, relatives, staff, providers, policy-makers and politicians. Dr Russell’s report “Living well in an aged care home” provides evidence about standards of care in aged care homes.

Aged Care Matters believes residential aged care requires greater scrutiny, accountability and transparency. We need informed discussions based on evidence, recognising the rights of residents to have the best possible care and quality of life.

On the left, the young gadabouts (total age 287.4): Joan Russell (91), Frank Breadmore (90.9) and Esther Friedman (105.5) take a walk outside their aged care home. On the right, Joan Russell with her great-granddaughter.

Aged Care Matters welcomes your feedback