Bullying and abuse by aged care advocates must stop

Revised Article

I initially chose to publish this article anonymously. When some of the bullies named in the article made threats, including physical intimidation, I suggested Hellocare remove the article from their website until I found time to re-write the article. I am named as the author of the revised article.

An aged care facility in crisis: Consumer action to improve standards of care

In 2012, relatives at an aged care home in Melbourne were concerned about inadequate care. Relatives documented incidents of negligence, incompetence, staff not telling the truth, bullying and racial vilification.They also reported numerous thefts, though this was difficult to prove because victims were invariably people with dementia.

Fortunately, the owner responded positively to our list of grievances. Most importantly, he replaced the manager. Good managers are the linchpins of a quality facility.