Bullying and abuse among aged care advocates must stop

After sharing Jane Hiliary Seaholme’s online abuse, David Robson (fake name) contacted me about the online abuse Heather Mansell Brown and her ‘cabal’ had inflicted on many including people in Millmerann. I investigated his claims and published  Bullying and Abuse among aged care advocates must stop .

Soon after publishing this article, I became a target of abuse. This 40-page  document contains many abusive posts from Heather, Jane and others who support them. Sadly, there are many, many more.

Heather and Jane et al. continue their ongoing abuse towards providers, government and advocates with whom they disagree. They have both created a social media echo chamber – Heather on Facebook; Jane on Twitter. These echo chambers, inhabited by a small number of the usual suspects, are toxic places to visit.

Rather than abuse people on social media, it has been suggested that these women could actually help older people by volunteering in an aged care home.

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