Independent candidate for Flinders

The failure of the Coalition to tackle the aged crisis prompted me to put my hand up to be the Voices of Mornington Peninsula endorsed Independent Candidate and replace the Aged Care Minister in his seat of Flinders. 

My long fight in aged care has revolved around accountability and transparency for the billions of dollars of taxpayer money handed out to providers. This theme is apparent in all aspects of government spending – sports rorts, car park rorts. This government uses our money on projects it thinks will get it re-elected, not on what is best for all of us.

Trust and confidence in government are at historic lows. Party politics, political donations and ego driven politicians have destroyed our trust in public institutions. 

My focus on accountability and transparency is the key to restoring trust in government. 

Policies should not be determined by vested interests – such as fossil fuel companies, aged care providers –  and those who donate millions to political parties. We need politicians and public servants to act in the best interests of all Australians.

The first thing I can offer is to restore trust in your federal MP. You can trust that I will listen – and that I will do what I say I will do.

Here’s 2 videos – a short introduction video and a longer video.

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