Aged Care Crisis?

Dr Sarah Russell appeared on The Project to discuss her mother’s fall in an aged care home. This fall contributed to her mother’s death.



Aged care crisis?

“There are some aged care homes that are chronically understaffed and the care is just not good enough.” Dr Sarah Russell speaks about the loss of her mother and potentially preventable deaths in our aged care system.

Posted by The Project on Monday, May 29, 2017

1 thought on “Aged Care Crisis?”

  1. The ratio of staff to resident is not allowing for the proper care levels needed to ensure our elderly are cared for in an appropriate manner. We have first hand experience with our elderly mother in an aged care home and being frustrated with the lack of care being provided.
    A serious medication error is the latest challenge we are trying to get answers to. The basic care levels are being missed and are elderly are not being listened to!
    It’s just not good enough and major changes are needed!

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